Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Letter MTC

To: Family + Friends,

Well first off I want to let everyone know that I'm doing AMAZING!!! The MTC is treaing me Awesome. The food here is pretty legit, and it's all you can eat so you know those 3 meals of the day I'm stuffing my face.

My companion's name is Elder Finn, he's a pretty legit guy. He's from Pocatello, Idaho and is an athletic kid that plays basketball, soccer, and tennis. He and I get along great and we work together awesomely.

Time her goes by SO fast, I can't believe I've been away from civilization for 2 weeks. We have jam packed scheduels from the time we wake up 6:30am to the time we go to bed at 10:30pm. I've been learning an incredible amout about the Gospel and the way the spirit works and helps us. They have amazing teachers here also, all of them are RETURN MISSIONARIES that have only been home for less then a year.

My spanish is coming along pretty good there are times though where frustration gets the best of me. We already have 4 "investigators" which is an awesome experience to teach them. You wouldn't think you could talk and teach a 45 min lesson with only 1-2 weeks of spanish under your belt.

The things I am learning here are going to benefit me for the rest of my life. It's pretty crazy, it's like they know what they are doing or something! This is one of many letters to come, but I look forward to your e-mail/letters.

I love you all!!! 

                                  THE ONE THE ONLY,

                                                             ELDER Dalton M. Anderson

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